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At Sourcing Direct our sourcing evaluation service aims to get you from the start to the point at which you sign an agreement with the most appropriate supplier. We provide the service from our on-the-ground locations in China, ensuring direct contacts with original manufacturers, first hand market intelligence and timely project execution.

Specifically, we conduct the following work, which can be contracted as a whole project or as individual items when appropriate:

  • Supplier Pre-screening

Upon clear understanding of clients’ specific requirements, we conduct a preliminary market research to identify the landscape of the particular industry in China. The result of this preliminary research is a list of potential suppliers who might be capable of manufacturing the products that clients require. We leverage our years of experience and in-depth relationships with industry experts in deriving the results.

  • RFI (request for information) Management

Upon completing the preliminary market research, we attempt to gain an initial ranking as to whom are the better suppliers. We either issue an RFI template or conduct telephone interviews in an attempt to request that suppliers give us further details about their business. Items for evaluation on the RFI are details from size of the company, current countries exported to, quality certificates obtained, etc. In addition, this process help us to obtain an accurate assessment of suppliers’ professionalism, quality devotion, service mentality and willingness to do business.

  • Factory Inspections

We conduct factory inspections of the prospective suppliers in order to gauge the overall quality of their manufacturing capability. During the factory visit, we also review the product specifications and drawings directly with the supplier to address any questions that they may have. This process ensures timely feedback of the quotation as well as quotation accuracy. The questions submitted by the suppliers are correlated and delivered to clients for clarification. The complete set of questions with the corresponding answers is then delivered to all of the prospective suppliers in the RFQ process mentioned below.

  • RFQ (request for quotation) Management

Before we issue an RFQ to the prospective suppliers for quotation, we make sure that the prospective suppliers fully understand your product requirements. This may involve your releasing prototype products to the prospective suppliers, or sending sample products from the prospective suppliers to you. We provide sample management services, and coordinate between you and prospective suppliers.

Once your specific requirements are clearly understood, we issue an RFQ to the prospective suppliers for quotation on your product. The RFQ is either designed by our in-house staff, or we can use one that has been predesigned by your organization.

  • Recommendations

We manage the inflow of these quotations, and consolidate all relevant findings and information in a clear and concise format that can easily be compared from supplier to supplier. We then assess the prospective suppliers using our core evaluation criteria: quality, service and price. As a deliverable, we present to clients with a detailed report, which includes our recommendations, among other relevant information and findings.

  • Follow-up Visits

Prior to entering the negotiation phase, some clients would like to visit the top 3 to 5 prospective suppliers themselves. We welcome clients to do so and will be happy to assist you on these visits.

  • Negotiation

We are experts at negotiating the best deals on behalf of clients. With a solid foundation work laid in the previous stages, we know which button to push.

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