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purchase management

Eliminate the hassles with regards to worrying about whether your order will be fulfilled in time within the quality specifications in an unfamiliar country halfway around the globe. At Sourcing Direct we manage your order from the time you place it until the time it is delivered to the desired location. Should there be any issues along the way, rest assured that we are ground looking after your interest, and you are alerted in time to make proactive decisions. Our purchasing management service includes the following:

  • Negotiating

We are experts at negotiating the best deals on behalf of clients. With a solid understanding of the specific industries and local knowledge, we know how to talk to local suppliers who share the same value: quality, service and price.

  • Production Planning and Monitoring

With our on-the-ground resources, we work closely with local suppliers on production scheduling and planning. We monitor every step of the production process. We ensure local suppliers employ adequate equipment and quality raw material for production.

  • Quality Planning and Control

We coordinate between clients and local suppliers with regards to quality management: setting quality objectives, specifying necessary operational processes, allocating relevant resources, and executing the agreed upon quality procedures.

  • Logistics

We coordinate all logistics activities (packaging, shipping and delivery, etc.) with local suppliers and 3rd party service providers so that clients can rest assured that their goods will arrive at desired locations intact within the time frame. In addition, we can coordinate financial transactions upon request.

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