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About Us

Sourcing Direct was founded in 2005, with an operations center in Shanghai, and sales office in the US. Key people in our multi-national management team have multicultural experience combined with proven commercial acumen from backgrounds in Fortune 500 companies or recognized entrepreneurial success.


The mission at Sourcing Direct is straightforward: help clients source quality products at competitive prices, and meet in-time delivery requirements. Quality, service and price are our commitments to our clients, and we only partner with Chinese manufacturers who share the same value.


Listed here is an overview of the principal services we offer:


Vendor Identification & Evaluation
China is such a vast territory that is often difficult for overseas buyers to even identify the existence of potential suppliers. Our sourcing research team has expertise in finding and profiling potential suppliers.

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Vendor Selection
With qualified Chinese nationals in our management team we can conduct in-depth research (which is difficult for overseas buyers) to establish the bona fide credentials of potential suppliers.

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Quality Assurance
We understand and talk the language of quality assurance, which enables us to determine which suppliers have the right commitment. We can also verify that products have the certified approvals for regional standards compliance.

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Trade Negotiations
Our team's commercial acumen, international business experience and integrity are well trusted by our clients to conduct board level negotiations on their behalf.

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Supply Chain Logistics
You can get our advice on shipping, freight forwarding and customs through a network of reputable partner companies.

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Supporting Services
We can provide interpreters to accompany you on vendor evaluation or supplier visits. We can also provide translation services for technical specifications. In addition, we can arrange your supplier visit travel and accommodation logistics.

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Supplier Liaison and Relationship Management
We can talk your business language in Chinese to your suppliers and create a lasting and evolving supplier relationship. Additionally we can monitor your supplier with continuous assessment.


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